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Salt, Pepper and the Spices of Life March 26, 2008

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I received this beautiful illustration in email. I guess if we follow it many conflicts at personal, professional, national and international level will get resolved.

Salt, Pepper and the Spices of Life

You’re sitting at a table, having a meal with some friends. Bowls of soup are served to everyone at the table. Before tasting the soup, the person next to you reaches for the salt and pepper, and for the next 20 seconds vigorously shakes into the soup more salt and pepper than you would use in a month.

You have a pained look on your face. These thoughts immediately go through your mind: “Why would you put salt and pepper in soup, or on any dish, BEFORE you taste it? How do you know how much to add?” You might also think, “How can someone put so much salt and pepper in their food?”

Of course, the roles could be reversed. You might be the one who loves to put a lot of salt and pepper on your food and the person next to you eats the soup without adding salt or pepper. In that case, you think, “How can she eat this bland soup without putting any seasoning in it?”

When it comes to salt, pepper, onions, garlic, curry or just about any type of seasoning, we tend to see things only on way – OUR way. It’s hard for us to understand how someone could enjoy food when it is not seasoned as we think is appropriate. We cringe when we see someone “overdoing” or “under-doing” the spices.

How we season our food is a matter of preference and personal taste. There is no right or wrong way to use seasonings. Furthermore, the way in which another applies salt and pepper does not affect us in any way. They’re not putting the salt and pepper in YOUR soup. They are putting the spices in their own soup.

Our world is so diverse, and yet it is difficult for us to accept each other’s preferences. Often, when we see people doing things we wouldn’t do, our mind says:

Why aren’t they thinking as I think?

Why aren’t they acting as I would act?

Your mind would often have you believe that your way is superior. Your beliefs and habits are shaped by your genetics and your environment. Each person has different genetics and has grown up in an environment that is different than yours.

Why expect everyone to come to the same conclusion?

Our spiritual growth comes when we learn to accept that others have different preferences, and we honor those preferences. There is no universal religion that everyone will agree to practice. There is no universal political viewpoint that all will accept. There is no one way of raising children that all cultures will agree upon. Marriage customs will vary from culture to culture.

Getting people to agree on these issues is like trying to get everyone to use the same amount of salt and pepper on their food. It’s not going to happen.

The diversity in this world is beautiful and we can open our hearts to it. Within our own country and in our relations with people in other countries, we need to continually remind ourselves that it’s perfectly acceptable for people to have preferences. If the other person is not harming us, why can’t we just smile and get on with life?

The next time you’re tempted to judge or criticize the way other people think or act, realize that in most cases, they’re just using a different amount of salt or pepper than you would use. Allow them to have their preferences, and there is no need to even consider what YOU would do.

Jeff Keller
© 2008

The only thing I would like to add here is that with concepts like diversity and freedom comes an innate sense of responsibility. If you are not harming others physically or at humanistic emotional level, and the other person is also not harming others then we doesn’t need to be tolerant rather we need to be appreciate diversity.

World would have been so boring if everything was same and there would have been no room for improvement or any type of development.


Celebrating Diversity in Faith March 21, 2008

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Today is an awesome day – 21st March 2008 because many religions are celebrating different religious and auspicious occassions on the same date. This shows diversity in faith and we all need to embrace it with respect for each other. Every religion teaches many good things so one should follow one which brings him/her the satisfaction and let others follow this practice too.

Today the muslims are celebrating Eid-e-Miladun Nabi of our beloved Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H.

Zorastrians and Muslims are celebrating Navroz, the new year and arrival of spring.

Hindus are celebrating the holi.

And it is Good Friday for the Christians.

Wishing everyone best wishes on these occassions and Pray that we can appreciate diversity and plurality of faith. It is all about personal satisfaction and if we live happily and content and let others live with content, the world will be a better place for sure.


are we HUMANS?! March 15, 2008

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This will be little different kind of entry as it relates to both hope and despair but then variety is spice of life and hope springs from the state of despair. This blog doesn’t belong to audience of a particular country but still if some posts talk about my country’s situation, other people can read between the lines and learn something for sure.

While in office, we all discuss about the issues like terrorism, suicide bombers and the disgusting law and order situation of our city and country at large. It does make you think about lot of things.

Firstly this suicide bombing scene is insane. You can’t solve this issue by security because the bomb blast will happen whatever you do. It can only be resolved by creating awareness and changing the mindset of extremists. If you can’t change it, just trash them and most importantly their sick ideology in front of people’s eyes.

As we know by some three or four instances that got reported, even people who are suited try to get a lift in the car and then ask you to crash the car against any police mobile. After such instances, people have gotten so afraid that they won’t even give lift to the elderly people. Not only elderly but who actually need that lift. We have become selfish and insensitive for sure. I mean you know that elderly person won’t harm you but you also don’t want to risk your life. We are living in a state of fear. Fear is the line between despair and hope. Either you cross that line and be positive in presence of evident negativity. I am not telling that we should trust everyone but we can surely be wise.

We were thinking that when Lahore blast happened, people would have respond more calmly because they aren’t used to such panic. Here we karachites learn this lesson when they are born, just run when something bad happens. Where is the responsibility element for God’s sake? Even that was missing in tv channels especially GEO TV which showed disturbing visuals. It isn’t about age, all this contributes even more to hatred and fear. News can be delivered without creating or showing such menace.

We all need to think how we are living. We need to be more sensitive, less selfish, wise and informed and above all responsible.



Hopeful always and again. March 11, 2008

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watermark.jpg It’s been long long time since I have written something here but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been optimistic all this while. Though there were some low times for sure but still to come of them, you need optimism.

But the biggest blunder that I did was I lost hope that I will ever get a awe-inspiring feedback on blog posts of this blog as it is all about giving hope and creating positive energy. The fact is even there is a very small readership of it, even if that small readership doesn’t give comments, it is still worth it because THEY READ and I AM SURE IT MAKES SOME DIFFERENCE, even SMALL.

So thought for today is always be hopeful and always remember,

“If you don’t have believe in yourself, no one will believe you.”


The countdown begins. May 20, 2007

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Transferred here!


Will be back in action pretty soon.


New Year and all the old things repackaged to make it feel NEW! December 31, 2006

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With a year approaching its end, we are getting closer to a new year, a new beginning. We all think that a whole bunch of things are left that we want to achieve in our lives. New year brings us an opportunity to reflect upon our past and plan for our future, and above all it acts like a catalyst as we are always excited about trying new things at fresh times. Even though it is an superficial impose change, but when we programme our minds consciously or subconsciously we get that motivation to do that as in the case with the new year. So how to get what you want this year or how to increase the chances of getting it. I have devised a plan similar to one I got in an email but then I edited most of it =p to make it more realistic.

1) You need to have a dream. If you are dreamless then you’re dead so betta start imagining your vision.

2) Think good thoughts. Your vibrations attract the result. If you will think negative then you won’t take that extra step and the result will be failure without any thought. I have already wrote much about it the blog before.

3) Discover your potentials. Deposited within every one of us isa huge deposit of diamond that we all need to discover. Lifebecomes easy for us if we are able to discover our potentials andmake use of them.

4) Believe in yourself. Everything is going according to the plan devised above but if you don’t believe yourself and how will you convince others about it. You betta believe your ideas and your potentials and everything related to make others believe.

5) Learn, learn and learn! There is no shortcut. You gotta see how much you have achieved. Enjoy that slice of success and then don’t sit down. Exercise! Exercise your mind. Try to learn from others who are sincere. People who critique you to underestimate you and there words doesn’t weigh power just let those words enter one ear and get out in a second from the other. Also try to learn what good you and your God want to say to you. That gives motivation.

6) Never give up! Troubles and difficulties in your path is waiting for you to get slipped. But then you should be rock solid hard. Nothing comes easy in life, but then it doesn’t mean that it never comes at all, you just gotta word hard and those stones will automatically shed into sand.

7) Action and Faith. Of what use is a dream thatis not backed with ACTION? It is better not to dream at all thanhave one and not act on it. Acting on one’s dream is whatmakes the difference. Your dreams can become a reality if youcan ACT on it.Nothing will bring you result apart from action! If you are not ready to act, then you are not prepared to reap the reward. Do your best, have faith in God and let Him decide and do it all for you after you have done yoru part.

I wish you all a very Happy, Successful and Prosperous New Year.

Now go party and do some work from 2nd, no later or else you’ll sulk. But you can start dreaming just now.


=) December 22, 2006

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Smile does it for everyone. Just a smile. Have you ever received a smile from stranger? It is so selfless that it just gets into deepest chord of your heart. You know it is not fake. You can feel the warmth and the joy. Even fake smiles work. It has a fair chance to make you happy but more than that it does make other people feel special. Smile to everyone, even if that person is a stranger. Who knows that smile can change that person life forever. Who knows that smile can vanish some anxiety/worry which had a strong potential to make a huge lost afterwards. Who knows that smile can give him/her a zeal to live.

Pass it on with a smile 🙂